WordPress 6.0 Release Notes

WordPress 6.0 has been released, and it is loaded with new enhancements and updates. Here at Newspack, we wanted to highlight a few that you may find most useful!

Also, if you’re interested in learning more about what’s included in this newest update, please check out the “Exploring WordPress 6.0” video below:

New Blocks

Stack Block

The new Stack block is a variation of the Group block – it’s simply a vertical variant of the Row block. This block automatically adjusts to smaller screen sizes, providing a responsive layout. 

Editor-wide Changes


Previously, it was not possible to select specific text across multiple blocks and edit them. Instead, it would select all blocks where the text was selected but now it’s easier to target the exact text and make necessary edits.


More Patterns in More Places

It’s now easier than ever to access patterns, making it faster to add content! Under certain conditions, the Quick Inserter will prioritize patterns. Patterns have also become available when creating a header or footer or when creating a new page.

Block Locking UI

It’s now possible to lock specific blocks. This provides the ability to disable the option to remove a block, move it, or both — right in the editor. 

You can do this by selecting the block you would like to lock, selecting the “options” icon (three vertical dots), and select “Lock” from the available options.

List View Improvements

List view now offers a default collapse view. When a block is selected in list view, it will then automatically expand in order to view all nested blocks. This functionality helps list view appear less overwhelming at a first glance. Additional features include new keyboard shortcuts (shift + click) which will let you select multiple blocks to modify in bulk (reposition, delete, etc.), and increased visibility for Block Lock status.

List View

Quick Insertion Links

It’s now possible to insert a link into content by inserting double square brackets “[[“, making it faster to include links to relevant pages or posts.