Newspack includes a full stack of integrated advertising tools that let you deliver direct-sold and programmatic advertising without involving a developer or other specialized support.

Display/Banner Ads

Newspack has native integrations with two of the most popular ad servers for publishers: Google Ad Manager and Broadstreet. Choose from over 10 global placements, or place your ads dynamically as you’re creating content using Newspack Ad blocks.

Google Ad Manager

Newspack’s GAM integration allows for a two-way sync between platforms. You can set up and configure your ad inventory within Newspack and it will automatically be available for targeting within GAM. 

Unique to Newspack is a set of features available to GAM users. You have complete control over so-called “lazy loading” of your ad creative and can tailor it to best suit your delivery goals. You can also enable ad refresh, allowing ad units to generate a new impression over a specified period of time and serve double duty by (genuinely) boosting impressions and ad viewability.

Programmatic Opportunities

Newspack offers out-of-the-box programmatic opportunities for GAM users. As a Newspack publisher, we give you instant access to AdX, Google’s premium ad network. Google AdX is widely regarded as one of the best SSPs in the market, as it has the world’s largest exchange of global inventory. 

Newpack also has built-in header bidding (an advanced programmatic advertising technique that allows multiple partners to bid for a given ad impression), with pre-established partnerships with, Sovrn, OpenX, and AppNexus. We use client-side Prebid to run a true head-to-head auction to ensure you’re getting the very best price possible for your inventory. 

Sponsored Content

Because sponsored content (or advertorials) often command a premium, Newspack has created unique functionality to accommodate these sales opportunities. Depending on whether the content is authored by the sponsor, or underwritten and authored by editorial staff, you’re able to easily apply different visual treatments to set them apart and highlight the sponsor.

Media Kit

Newspack makes it easy to create and add a digital Media Kit to your site – a vital piece of any successful direct-sales strategy. The Media Kit not only showcases available ad opportunities, but also helps you express the strong value proposition that makes a direct buy worth more than a programmatic buy. Use the kit to highlight your reach, the demographics of your audience, and opportunities for bundled packages that allow your staff to close the sale.


Newspack Listings is growing more robust by the day. The use-cases for Listings are endless, but when it comes to revenue opportunities, we’ve seen great success from paid listings for real estate, jobs, and obituaries. Obituary listings in particular are an important offering for communities, and for some hyper-local publishers, make up a significant portion of traffic. While paid listings aren’t likely to outperform standard display, the added revenue impact is often meaningful. 



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