Over 200 publishers have switched to Newspack in the past four years. In part, because we make it easy.

With rare exceptions, migration is free, with the help of editorial, engineering and design specialists who ensure an easy transition. From alignment to launch, sites go live within an average of three months.

Migration services

Newspack is a pioneer in site migration and over the past five years has developed some of the most sophisticated tooling and techniques in the industry. We’ve migrated hundreds of news organizations from a variety of CMSs and eCommerce systems. That experience means migration is not only generally free, but quicker and easier than is typically the case with a high-cost agency. Among the services we provide:

  • Review editorial and business goals
  • Define desired feature set
  • Establish staging site
  • Migrate story content and user data
  • Work through design requirements
  • Train editors and business users
  • Provide intensive launch-day support

Migration timeline

The launch process is a collaborative undertaking. And the time to launch depends on a number of variables: the size and complexity of legacy data (if any); the number of customers in the launch queue; the amount of time your team can devote to the effort (we shoulder most of the work but actively consult with you at each step in the process); even the time of year (taking into account holidays, elections and the fundraising calendar.)

Typically we can get sites launched in anywhere from two to four months. Generally the first half of that process is devoted to staging and data migration. The second half to styling, configuration and training.



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