Reader Activation

Newspack includes powerful reader activation tools that let you identify readers, accelerate newsletter signups and drive donations, subscriptions and memberships.

These tools are provided at no additional charge. We recently launched a series of preset placements that have been demonstrated to deliver high conversion rates, so you don’t have to configure them yourself.

Key functionality

  • Calls to action within customizable overlays and in-line messages
  • Real-time audience segmentation to optimize engagement and conversion
  • Streamlined sign-up flows without the friction, maximizing signups
  • Newsletter integrations with Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, and other ESPs
  • Revenue collection for one-time and recurring donation, membership and subscription
  • Centralized data management and a user-friendly interface
  • Content gating for offering premium member/subscriber-only features
  • Reporting of top-line metrics
  • Integrated CRM for member/subscriber management in partnership with BlueLena

Newspack supports integrations with BlueLena and News Revenue Hub for automated email marketing and customer relationship management.

Across the funnel

Our suite of reader activation tools is built to drive engagement at every stage of the audience acquisition funnel.

Audience Development
Search and social, paid acquisition

Light Engagement
Recirculation, push alerts

Data Acquisition
Registration, newsletters

Email marketing

Membership, subscription, donation

Member/subscriber cultivation



Fast, flexible

Audience development

Seamless reader activation

Advertising and sponsorship

Simplified ad


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