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Newspack criteria

  • Your site should be designed to meet the news and/or information needs of a distinct geographic region or distinct subject area of coverage.
  • You should be able to articulate a clear editorial and business approach to the development and growth of your site.
  • You should be producing original content and not be a pure aggregator.

Your site should have either:

A track record of serving its intended news audience and a budget that credibly forecasts 12 months of continued operation.

A launch plan that addresses how you intend to serve your target market and funding commitments sufficient to operate for at least 12 months.

We also ask that applicants make staff available to assist with the migration of their site to the Newspack platform.

Newspack in turn commits to selecting sites that represent a variety of editorial, organizational and business approaches, as well as audiences and geographies. In addition to building a platform, we’re building a community of journalists and news publishers who will benefit from one another’s insights.

Consideration will be given to sites that have demonstrated both editorial and financial success in their markets; sites whose models may have applicability to other digital news organizations; and sites that have run up against significant technical challenges in the implementation of their strategy.