Release Notes: September 21, 2021

Newspack Plugin

  • Integrated the Newspack Image Credits plugin into the main Newspack plugin, so if using Newspack you will no longer need the separate plugin. Image Credit settings can be found in the Newspack Site Design dashboard.
  • Streamlined the setup process for new sites by conditionally installing WooCommerce and related plugins only if choosing “Newspack” as the Reader Revenue platform.
  • Improved the plugin report in the Health Check wizard.
  • Disabled the blocks-based widget editor due to conflicts with several Newspack plugins.


  • Text-formatting HTML elements and anchor (link) tags are now displayed properly in post subtitles when displayed by Post Carousel and Homepage Posts blocks.
  • Added a check to disable the Jetpack Donations block when Newspack Blocks is active, to avoid potential confusion and feature collision between these two overlapping products.


  • Added support for anchor (link) tags in post subtitles.
  • Improved the display of very large font sizes at smaller viewports.
  • Fixed a bug affecting the display and alignment of some image captions at smaller viewports.


  • Your Newspack site can now be connected directly to a Google Ad Manager account via a Google Service Account, enabling ad unit management directly from the Newspack Advertising wizard! Documentation for this exciting new feature is coming soon.
  • Added a check to ensure that post ID, type, and categories are always reported to Google Ad Manager for purposes of key/value targeting.


  • Added new options in the plugin Settings page to activate listing post type archives, and allow listings to appear in category and tag archives. These are disabled by default in order to minimize disruption for sites already using Listings.
  • Added a new option in plugin Settings to suppress Yoast primary category functionality for all listings. This is disabled by default in order to minimize disruption for sites already using Listings.
  • Fixed a bug in the Event Dates block where changing the “end date” month would crash the editor.


  • Sponsored posts will no longer display any ad units, to avoid collisions between ads and sponsored content.