Release Notes: May 30, 2022


  • Added the ability to show draft and/or scheduled posts in the Homepage Posts and Post Carousel blocks when logged in as an editor or admin user.


  • Fixes for print styles.
  • Fixes for “skip to content” styles.


  • Added logic to ensure that ad units rendered within Column blocks only use appropriate sizes, if available.


Please note the breaking change in this week’s release, as it will result in changed prompt display behavior across all sites using Newspack Campaigns.

  • Improved performance and detection of web crawlers to avoid excess requests.
  • Added a new feature for overlay prompts to not show an overlay background. When the overlay background is disabled, readers can interact with the site underneath the prompt, even while the prompt is still visible. This should be helpful for improving the user experience of “toaster”-like overlays that appear at the edges of the viewport.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Removed all features related to permanent prompt suppression. These feature predate segmentation features, added unnecessary UI and code complexity, and are no longer needed. What this means:
    • Readers can no longer permanently dismiss any individual prompts. Accordingly, all options related to the dismiss buttons are removed from the editor. Readers can still temporarily dismiss overlay prompts using the X “close” button in the upper-right corner of the prompt.
    • The “Until dismissed” frequency option for inline prompts has been renamed “Every page view”, since inline prompts can no longer be dismissed. Reader-facing behavior remains the same for this option.
    • Prompts containing newsletter signup blocks or donation blocks will no longer be automatically suppressed under any circumstances. Accordingly, all settings related to automatic prompt suppression are removed from the Campaigns dashboard. Please use segmentation features to target specific prompts to readers by newsletter subscription or donation status.
    • UTM Suppression options will work for the first page view only when a reader arrives at the site with matching UTM parameters. Subsequent page views will display the affected prompt.
    • Because readers can no longer permanently dismiss prompts, you should notice a large increase in prompt views (and hopefully conversions, too) across the board.

Here’s a concrete example of how an overlay prompt might work with the above changes. Given an overlay with frequency setting “Daily” and assigned to a segment for non-subscribers only:

  • A new reader will see this prompt on the first page view each day.
  • The prompt may still be dismissed via the standard ? “close” button or by clicking on the overlay background, but the prompt will be displayed again if the reader revisits the site after 24 hours.
  • If the reader subscribes to a newsletter list via an onsite signup prompt, they will no longer see the prompt.
  • The UTM Suppression option still works—but on the first page view only, now.


  • Fixed integration with Co-Authors Plus.


  • Deprecated the “Related Content” features, which were only partially implemented to begin with. These features may be reintroduced at a later milestone.
  • Added support for Jetpack sharing buttons in singular listing pages.

Republication Tracker

  • Added support for Co-Authors Plus guest authors.
  • Improvements for accessibility.