Release Notes: June 27, 2022

Newspack Plugin

  • Add the previously stand-alone plugin, RSS Enhancements, to the core
  • Revamp the UI to make it more in line with the rest of WordPress UI
  • Improved error handling in Google OAuth connection


  • Add an optional fixed height setting (in a non-AMP environment) for ad placements, to mitigate CLS issues
  • Prioritize Service Account as fallback connection method, in case of OAuth connection issues


  • Disable prompts by default on special-purpose pages such as My Account, Privacy Policy, or WooCommerce pages


  • Subject line validation
  • Separator background rendering


  • Disable Jetpack Donate block, which may be confused with the plugin’s Donate block
  • Fix alignment for Homepage Posts block, if there’s an odd number of posts
  • Fix Iframe block issues
  • Fix amount formatting in Donate block


  • Improved dropdown menus accessibility
  • Add body class with Yoast’s primary category
  • Add a blank page template – without header and footer
  • Disable some FSE blocks, which are confusing in a non-FSE theme context