October 9, 2023: Improvements in Campaigns, WooCommerce integrations and more!

This week’s releases include improvements for features related to Newsletters, WooCommerce, and the WordPress Media Library.

Segmenting readers through the newsletter lists they are subscribed to

This new feature allows Newspack Campaigns to target readers based on their specific newsletter signup preferences. You can now target readers who are subscribed (or not subscribed) to individual lists in your site’s connected ESP.

While configuring Newspack Campaigns’ segments, you should now see two new segmentation criteria to use:

  • Subscribed to newsletter lists: matches a reader if they are subscribed to any of the selected lists
  • Not subscribed to newsletter lists: matches a reader if they are not subscribed to any of the selected lists

Alt text for newsletter images

Newsletter content authored in the Newspack Newsletters plugin will now automatically populate the alt text attribute for image elements in the rendered email markup. The attribute is populated using existing metadata attached to the image in the Media Library.

This enhancement ensures that your email content remains accessible to all recipients, including those who block images from displaying in emails, use screen readers, or experience slow loading times.

Custom button color in the Newsletter Subscription Form block

You can now edit the “Sign up” button color in the Newsletter Subscription Form block, providing you with more control over the visual appearance of your newsletter signup forms. This feature enhances the overall user experience and allows for seamless integration of your brand colors.

WooCommerce orders with UTM parameters

When a reader donates or purchases a subscription, any UTM parameters associated with the page they came from are now saved as order metadata. These UTM parameters are then displayed in the order details for easy reference.

Searching media through their credits

The media library received an update to allow media items to be searched through their credits.

When searching items through the “Media -> Library” dashboard page, items that match the searched keyword in their “Credits” field should return in the results.

Other fixes & improvements

This week’s releases also contain many minor bugfixes and performance improvements—see the individual releases for details:

Next release cycle

Our next release is scheduled for the week of October 30. Until next time,

– The Newspack Product team