Nota to provide AI services to Newspack customers

Newspack is expanding the discounted services it offers digital news organizations through an agreement with Nota to make their state-of-the-art AI tools available on Newspack’s industry-leading publishing platform.

The Newspack-Nota partnership is expected to help both companies attract new customers and expand the already formidable suite of publishing tools that Newspack offers to the nearly 250 news organizations on its platform. The partnership is part of a broader effort by Newspack to make a variety of productivity enhancing AI tools available on the platform.

“By working with Nota we’re able to easily and affordably extend some of the latest AI capabilities to our publishers,” said Kinsey Wilson, Founder and Head of Newspack. “And allow them to carefully enhance the quality of their news reports.”

Nota was founded last year with support from Microsoft to provide innovative solutions to the digital publishing world including instant headline composition and story optimization, efficient SEO recommendations and smart social posts. The tool set is easy to use, ensuring that news publishers, large or small, can leverage the power of AI to enhance their news strategy.

“Our primary vision has always been to harness the potential of AI for content creators,” said Josh Brandau, CEO of Nota. “Partnering with Newspack has made that vision a reality. We’re confident that our tools will offer unparalleled assistive AI to newsrooms everywhere.”

Newspack was formed four years ago with support from the Google News Initiative, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, and the Lenfest Institute for Journalism to help independent digital publishers manage their technology needs at an affordable price.

Led by journalists and engineers alike, it provides a highly customized set of open-source tools that are geared to the needs of small, independent digital news publishers. And it has formed partnerships with a variety of third-party tools providers like Nota to enrich and extend the platform at favorable pricing.

Contact: For demos and pricing, contact the CEO of Nota, Joshua Brandau @