Newspack integrates with multiple third-party services. Here is a list of these, along with what data is sent and/or read, as well as under which conditions.

Email Service Providers

Newspack Newsletters plugin allows you to send newsletters using a few ESPs: Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Campaign Monitor, and Constant Contact.


If AC is set as the ESP, metadata might be sent and attached to the contact. The metadata fields will be prefixed with NP_ , so these should not conflict with any existing integrations.


Google Analytics

Newspack will send custom events related to Newspack Campaigns, and, if enabled, the News Tagging Guide custom events. Read more about the Analytics integration here:

If the WordPress plugin is installed but not configured, Newspack will set up a basic configuration, so reporting can start seamlessly.


Newspack has integrations with Google Ad Manager and Broadstreet platforms. You can read more about these here:

Payment processors


If Stripe is chosen as the Reader Revenue platform, the site will be notified by Stripe, via webhooks, about all successful charges. This information will be relayed to WooCommerce (to create orders) and Google Analytics (sending custom events).



Upon a successful donation, if using WooCommerce for payment processing, the donation can be synchronized with a Salesforce account.