The Newspack Themes include a field where you can add a summary to your posts. This summary will be displayed above your content on the single post view.

Adding a Summary

To add a Summary to a post, follow these steps:

  1. Edit the post you’d like to add the summary to.
  2. In the right sidebar, open the Article Summary panel. There you will have an option to add summary text to the Body field, or change the Title that will appear above the summary.
  1. Click Update to save your changes.

Line breaks in the Article Summary field will be transformed into paragraphs. Simple markup is also supported, including:

  • <b> – Bold text
  • <strong> – Important text
  • <i> – Italic text
  • <em> – Emphasized text
  • <mark> – Marked text
  • <small> – Smaller text
  • <del> – Deleted text
  • <ins> – Inserted text
  • <sub> – Subscript text
  • <sup> – Superscript text
  • <u> – Underlined text

Summary Placement

When you publish your post, the summary will appear at the top of your post content, in a gray box: