By default, the Newspack theme removes a number of WordPress’s Full Site Editing blocks from the editor, since the theme doesn’t necessarily require these blocks and they can add confusion.

The blocks it removes are:

  • Login/Out
  • Post Comments Form
  • Comments Query Loop
  • Query Block
  • Post List block
  • Post Featured Image
  • Post Excerpt
  • Post Terms
  • Post Date
  • Post Author
  • Post Navigation Link
  • Post Read More
  • Avatar
  • Post Author Biography
  • Archive Title
  • Term Description

Re-adding FSE Blocks

You can re-add any of these blocks by adding a flag to your wp-config.php file, listing the blocks to include in an array. For example, if you wanted to re-add the Login/Out and Read More blocks, you would add:

define( 'NEWSPACK_FSE_BLOCKS_ALLOWED', ['core/avatar', 'core/loginout'] );