The Newspack themes automatically generate archive pages for all of your categories, tags, and authors. This page details the customization options available for those pages.

Change the archive template

Though the archives don’t have traditional templates, like the posts and pages, they do have similar layout options of two-column default (with the widget sidebar), one column, and one column wide.

Follow these steps to change the layout of all archive pages on your site:

  1. Navigate to Customize > Template Settings > Archive Settings.
  2. Pick one of the options under the Archive Layout header.
  1. Click Publish.

Now all of the archive pages on your site — category, tag, and author — will use your new layout.

Show excerpts on all posts

By default, the Archive pages will display a large featured image, title, and excerpt for the first article, and a smaller image and title for the rest.

To display excerpts for all articles in the archives, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Customizer > Template Settings > Archive Settings.
  2. Check the option labeled Show excerpts for all archives:
  1. Click Publish to save your changes.

Now all articles in the archives will display an excerpt of the content:

Change the appearance of the latest post

By default, the very latest post in each archive has a more eye-catching appearance: the image appears above the post rather than beside it, it has a larger post title, and always shows the post excerpt.

If you’d rather have the latest post match the rest, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Customize > Template Settings > Archive Settings.
  2. Uncheck Use a large, featured display for the latest post in the archives.
  1. Click Publish.

Now the latest post in all archives should match the others, including hiding the excerpt by default, but allowing you to toggle it on.

Change archive title format

By default, the archive page title includes the kind of archive it is (Category, Tag, Author…), and the name of the archive. Here’s what the title on the News category archive looks like by default:

If you would rather the title only display the name of the category, tag, etc., you can do the following:

  1. Navigate to Customize > Template Settings > Archive Settings.
  2. Under Archive Title Format, select the section option, Only archive name
  1. Click Publish.

The ‘Category:’ (or ‘Tag:’ or ‘Author:’) part of the archive title is no longer displayed: