Setting up donations will walk you though configuring the Newspack Donate block, and will automatically create a Donations page if your site doesn’t have one already.

Getting started

Once Reader Revenue has been set up, you will be able to set up donations by navigating to Dashboard > Newspack > Reader Revenue, and click the Donations tab.

Suggested Donations

First, under Suggested Donations on the right, configure your Donate block:

  1. By default, the Donate block will suggest a monthly donation amount, and give visitors the option to donate an Other amount that visitors can fill out themselves. This monthly donation default is multiplied by 12, and used as the suggested Annual and One-Time tabs in the block as well, alongside an Other option.
  2. You can change this Suggested donation amount per month by changing the value in that field.
  3. You can also toggle on the option to Suggest low, middle, and high tiers for donations, and edit the amounts suggested there. This will be reflected in Annual and One-Time tabs as well, where the suggestion amount in each field will be multiplied by 12:
  1. Once finished, click Save Settings.

These options will be used by default each time you use the Donations block; you can also configure the settings on a block-by-block basis.

Donations Landing Page

As part of the Reader Revenue setup, a page in draft mode has automatically be added to your site to act as the Donations Landing Page.

If you would like to use this page, you can use the following steps to complete set-up:

  1. Click the Edit Page link in the Donations landing page section:
  1. By default, the page will be titled “Support our publication”, and include an introductory paragraph, the Donate block, and some filler content, but this is just a starting point. Personalize the content as best suits your publication:
  1. Once finished, click Publish to make this page live.

If you already have a page you’d like to use for donations, you can leave this page as a Draft, or delete it.