What is a Domain Transfer?

  • Transferring a domain means your domain registration will be moved from your current domain provider or registrar (such as GoDaddy, 1&1, etc.) to WordPress.com.
  • In the future, you’ll manage all aspects of your domain here, including renewal, cancellation, or a future transfer.
  • All DNS management will be handled through WordPress.com.

A domain transfer does not transfer the content of your site (pages, posts, media, etc). We’ll handle that later, as part of the launch process.

Before You Begin the Transfer

To get started, you’ll need:

  • A WordPress.com account. If you don’t have one, create one here.
  • To ensure the domain’s TLD (extension) is supported (for example, .com, .org, etc.) If not, contact your Technical Account Manager.
  • To ensure your domain is not under any 60-day transfer lock at your current provider.

 As part of the transfer process, your domain will be renewed for an additional year. If your domain has already been renewed to the maximum possible term (ten years for most TLDs, though shorter for some country-code TLDs), it won’t be possible to transfer until the domain becomes eligible for renewal again.

Preparing a Domain for Transfer

Before you can transfer your domain you need to complete these two steps at your current provider:

  • Unlock your domain
    • Domain providers lock a domain as a security measure to prevent unauthorized changes like transfers. This is typically referred to as a registrar-lock.
    • Your domain provider’s domain management interface should have an option for you to remove this lock.
    • Some domain providers require you to contact them via their support channels to request that they remove it.
  • Get domain transfer authorization code
    • You will need to provide us with a unique code from your current domain provider that will allow us to transfer the domain here.
    • That code is commonly known as an EPP code, but your domain provider might also refer to it as a transfer code, authorization key, or an auth code.
    • Your domain provider’s domain management interface should have an option for you to request this code, but some domain providers require you to contact them via their support channels to request the code instead.

Instructions for common domain providers

Below are links to the instructions for some popular domain providers on how to prepare your domain for transfer. If you don’t see your domain provider listed, or the listed page does not include all the different steps, please contact their support department directly for help:

Steps for Transferring a Domain to WordPress.com

1. Go to the Domains page by clicking My Sites ? Manage Domains.

2. Click the Add Domain button in the upper right of the domains listing.

3. Select Use a domain I own.

4. On the next page, select Transfer to WordPress.com.

5. Enter the domain name you want to transfer and click Transfer.

6. The next page will confirm that your domain is unlocked. If your domain is still locked, please make sure to update that at your current provider and then click the I’ve unlocked my domain button. It might take some time for any changes at your current provider to take effect.

7. Enter the authorization code you’ve received from your current provider and click the Check my authorization code button.

8. Once everything checks out, click the Continue button.

9. The last step before checkout is to confirm your contact details. If you’ve previously bought a domain or a plan from us, we will pre-fill the form for you. You can also enable private registration if it’s available for your domain. If all your details are correct, click Continue to Checkout to pay for your domain transfer.

10. You will have been given a coupon code to use. Enter it now and you should be able to purchase renewal at no cost.

11. If successful, you will see a confirmation message, and you’ll receive an email from us. Your domain transfer is now in progress and should complete in five to seven days.

Your domain will be renewed automatically for another year upon completion of a successful transfer.

If you do not complete the transfer within 30 days the domain will be removed from your account.

Do not cancel your domain registration at your current provider at this point. If you cancel the domain you will immediately stop owning it and the transfer will fail. Your current provider will automatically remove the domain from their system once the transfer completes.

Frequent Asked Questions

How long do domain transfers take?

Domain transfers can take anywhere from five to seven days to complete.

Can I speed up the amount of time a transfer takes?

In some cases, you can reach out to the registrar you are moving away from and ask them to expedite the transfer process.

My authorization code isn’t valid.

Authorization or EPP codes are case sensitive. If you are typing the code manually, try copy and pasting the code instead. Make sure no additional spaces are being added.