Sizes for images across the Newspack theme and blocks.


  • ‘newspack-featured-image’, 1200 wide;
    • is not cropped vertically – used at the top of single posts and pages but may be scaled via CSS (eg. if you use the ‘small’ image size setting, it’s scaled down; if you use the featured image behind setting, it’s scaled up on larger screens).
  • ‘newspack-archive-image’, 800×600
    • used for all but the first large post on archive pages, for search results and for the ‘blog’ archives
  • ‘newspack-archive-image-large’, 1200×900
    • used for the larger first post on archive pages.

Homepage Posts block

The block will try to crop specific image shapes if you pick landscape, portrait, or square, but if the images are smaller than that, it’ll go down to the next size. If the original images are all quite large, it will always pick the first size.The sizes are:

  • newspack-article-block-landscape-large – 1200×900
  • newspack-article-block-landscape-medium – 800×600
  • newspack-article-block-landscape-small – 400×300
  • newspack-article-block-landscape-tiny – 200×150
  • newspack-article-block-portrait-large – 900×1200
  • newspack-article-block-portrait-medium – 600×800
  • newspack-article-block-portrait-small – 300×400
  • newspack-article-block-portrait-tiny – 150×200
  • newspack-article-block-square-large – 1200×1200
  • newspack-article-block-square-medium – 800×800
  • newspack-article-block-square-small – 400×400
  • newspack-article-block-square-tiny – 200×200
  • ‘newspack-article-block-uncropped’ = scaled to 1200px wide; does not crop or change the height. Smaller images will use their original size.

Post Carousel

  • uses the ‘large’ image size, as defined by the site under WP Admin ? Settings ? Media.
    • By default this is 1024×1024, but it can be edited on a per-site basis.
    • this block does let you set an image aspect ratio, but rather than loading a fully-new image size, it will use CSS to create the shape for the aspect-ratio, and style the image to fit it