Once you’ve created one or more prompts, they can be managed from the main Campaigns screen:

  1. Navigate to Dashboard > Newspack > Campaigns, and click on the Campaigns tab. Here you’ll see a list of all of your currently active prompts, organized by segment.
  2. Use the campaign filter dropdown to manage prompts in specific campaigns. The color of each prompt shows the status of that prompt: green means active, or visible to readers who match the prompt’s segment (or everyone, if not assigned to a segment); grey means inactive, or only visible when previewing as an admin.
  3. Click the Preview button in each segment header to preview your site as a reader who matches that segment. Any prompts that match the selected segment will be shown in the preview window, both active and inactive.
  1. Use the menu to the right of each prompt to see quick actions like previewing the prompt by itself, activating or deactivating it, or deleting it. Click Edit here or click on the prompt’s title to make changes to the prompt in the block-based editor.
  1. Use the menu to open a modal and edit the prompt’s settings:
  1. Deleted prompts can be restored by selecting “Trash” from the filter menu: