The YouTube Video Playlist block gathers all of the YouTube videos embedded anywhere on your site, and displays them all in a single player, using YouTube’s playlist functionality.

Using the YouTube Video Playlist block

You can add a YouTube Video Playlist block by following these steps:

  1. Edit the post or page where you would like to add the block.
  2. Open the Gutenberg block selector and search for ‘YouTube’, or scroll down to the Newspack section of the dropdown and pick YouTube Video Playlist:
  1. If your site has YouTube videos embedded, the block will preview how it will look on the front-end. If it doesn’t, the block will display an error in the editor, but won’t show anything on the front-end.
  1. Once you are finished editing the post or page, click Update or Publish to save your changes.

The videos in the playlist will be ordered based on the order they were added to the site, with the newest videos first.

When the block is embedded on a page, it will look like the regular YouTube embed block, save for the playlist icon in the top-right corner, indicating what number video you are on, and how many there are total:

When the playlist is open, visitors will be able to scroll the full list of embedded YouTube videos on the site, and play them from that player:

YouTube Video Playlist options

By default, the block will display the five latest YouTube videos embedded on your site. You can adjust the number, or the categories it pulls videos from by changing the block settings.

  1. To change the block options, select the block, then in the right sidebar, select Block tab at the top. If the right sidebar is not visible in the editor, it can be opened by clicking the cog icon in the top-right corner:
  1. Under the Settings panel, you can change the maximum number of videos to display in the block using the Videos option.
  2. You can also restrict what post categories the block pulls videos from by entering one or more categories into the Categories field. Entering some text will start a search, and you can click the Categories listed in the results to add them:
  1. Once you’ve finished editing the YouTube Video Playlist block settings, click Update or Publish to save your changes.