Newspack includes a collection of Block Patterns to help you quickly put together a homepage, or a donation or subscription call-to-action, or a listing.

Each Newspack Block Pattern is made up of a collection of Newspack and Core blocks, nested inside of a Group block to keep everything together. Once a pattern is added to a page, it can be customized by adding or removing blocks, and changing block settings.

How to use Newspack patterns

When editing a post or page, you can open the Newspack Block patterns by following these steps:

  1. In the top-left corner of the editor, click the ‘Plus’ button:
  1. In the Patterns panel, you will see up to four sections, depending on where you are in the site, and what’s been configured.
  1. Click on a pattern to add it to the editor. The pattern will be inserted wherever the text cursor is in the editor:
  1. Once a pattern has been added to the editor, the blocks inside it can be edited, just like any regular Gutenberg block. This means you can change block settings, delete some of the blocks in the pattern, or add new ones!