The block editor in WordPress is amazingly flexible, and allows you many options, but some of the block settings can be a bit difficult to figure out. This page documents how to find those tricky settings.

Columns Block

Adding Four-Plus Columns

When adding the Columns block, you’re initially presented with some layout options to choose from, with two or three columns each:

This can make it seem like that is the limit of the block, but it actually allows you to set up to six columns. You add add more columns by following these steps:

  1. Add a Columns Block and pick one of the default layouts, or click ‘Skip’ (which will give you the 50/50 layout shown above).
  2. Select the containing Columns Block — this can be done in one of two ways:
  • Select one of the columns, and hover over the ‘Column’ icon that appears in the toolbar above it. A second icon — representing the Columns block — should appear above that. Click that icon to select the full columns block:
  • Select one of the columns, and use the ‘Block Navigation’ in the top left to pick the parent Columns block. Clicking on it in the Block Navigation will select it:
  1. Once the Columns block is selected, make sure you’re on the Settings option in the top right corner (the cog icon), and on the Block tab, like so:
  1. When on that tab with the Columns block is selected, there will be an option in the right column to change the number of columns in the block:
  1. From there, you can change the block to use anywhere from two to six columns.

Buttons Block

Aligning the Buttons

The Buttons Block is a bit unusual compared to other blocks — it consists of a parent ‘Buttons’ block, to which you can add multiple buttons.

Because of this, when you want to change a block-wide setting — like the alignment — you need to select the parent Buttons block, rather than an individual Button, to have the option show up.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Add a Buttons block, and add at least one Button.
  2. Select the parent Buttons block. You can do this one of three ways:
  • Select one of your buttons, and in the toolbar that hovers over the block, place your cursor over the Button icon to the left. A second Buttons icon will appear above it; clicking that icon will select the parent Buttons block:
  • Or select one of your buttons, and use the Block Navigation icon near the top-left of the screen to select the parent Buttons block that contains it:
  • Or select one of your buttons, and use the ‘Up’ arrow on your keyboard to switch to the parent Buttons block.
  1. Once the parent Buttons block is selected, you will see an option to change the alignment in the toolbar. You will then be able to change the alignment of the block to Align center or Align right: