Google AdSense can be used to serve up ads dynamically on your Newspack site. With Newspack, it’s preferable to run AdSense through Google Ad Manager. Once you’ve set up your Ad Manager account, AdSense will automatically serve through Ad Manager unless it’s turned off.

From there, simply create ad units in Newspack and assign them to placements; within about 15 minutes AdSense ads will display on the site.

Setting up AdSense

To set up Google Adsense on your Newspack site, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Dashboard > SiteKit.
  2. Follow the steps listed in Google documentation to connect AdSense using SiteKit. If SiteKit is already set up on your site, you can skip to the AdSense-specific instructions by skipping to step five under the “How to set up SiteKit” header.
  3. Once that’s complete, navigate to Dashboard > Newspack > Advertising.
  4. Under the Ad Providers tab, toggle on the Google Adsense option:
  1. Your settings will be saved automatically.

Ads will automatically start appearing on your site after a short delay, automatically placed by AdSense.