These steps apply to Google Ad Manager users only, whose site is AMP Plus or AMP off. Broadstreet users should contact their account manager to enable ad block recovery.

  1. In Google Ad Manager, navigate to “Privacy & messaging.”
  2. Select “Ad blocking recovery.”
  3. On the “Ad blocking recovery” page, select the “Create message” button.
  4. On the “Create your ad blocking recovery message” page, add your site(s) and language(s). Under “User ad blocking options,” do not check the box for “Add custom solution”. Select Continue.
  5. Set up your message with your desired placement, styles, and message text. We recommend selecting “Use your site style” in the font selection box for the Header, Body, and Buttons. This will allow the prompt to inherit your site’s existing font style. Here’s an example:

    In the “Set up” panel, in the “Placement” drop-down menu, you can choose whether your message is dismissible. Making your message non-dismissible requires the user to allow ads before continuing to view your site.
  6. When your message is ready, select Publish.
  7. Back on the main “Ad blocking recovery” page, go to the “Settings” tab. We recommend toggling on the options to “Help users allowlist your sites with one click” and, for Acceptable Ads users, “Hide my ad blocking recovery message.”
  8. In the “Tagging” tab, you’ll see pub and nonce IDs. For the message to begin appearing on the site, those two IDs also need to be input into your Newspack settings. In the “Ad blocking recovery” code shown on the “Tagging” tab, the pub ID is preceded by pub-, and the nonce ID is preceded by nonce=. Please copy/paste these values into the respective fields in WordPress under Newspack > Advertising > Settings > Ad Block Recovery. Don’t forget to select the Save Settings button.


  1. In Google Ad Manager (GAM), navigate to Reporting > Reports. Select the “New report” button.
  2. Change the report type by selecting the pencil icon to the right of “Historical.” Select “User messages,” then “Done.”
  3. Under Dimensions, select your desired units. We often prefer to use Time unit > Month and year.
  4. Under Metrics, select all of the metrics under “Ad blocking recovery messages.” You can find descriptions of these metrics and exactly what they mean here.
  5. Select the Run button to generate your report.