The Global Ad Placement can be used to place ads from Google Ad Manager in predefined locations throughout the site.

Pre-defined ad locations

The pre-defined ad locations in the Newspack Themes are:

Global: Above Header – places a banner ad fully above your theme’s header.

Global: Below Header – places a banner ad fully underneath the theme’s header, above the content and sidebar.

Global: Above Footer – places a banner ad fully above the theme’s footer, after the content and sidebar.

Mobile Sticky Footer – places a banner ad in a container that sticks to the bottom of the viewport, and can be dismissed by the reader for the current page view. The size of the banner is restricted to a maximum height of 100px as specified in the AMP sticky ad specs. Note that if you assign this placement an ad unit with multiple possible sizes, only the smallest size will be used. If this slot isn’t filled, the sticky container won’t render.

Sidebar – places banners at the top and bottom of the sidebar, sandwiching the other widgets you’ve chosen for the sidebar.

Slide-out Sidebar – places a banner within the slide-out menu, if this menu is enabled.

Footer – places a banner within the footer of the site.

Above Copyright – places a banner above the copyright, below the footer.

Article above content – places a banner before the first paragraph of the article.

Article below content – places a banner after the last paragraph of the article.

Inserted Ad Positions – places banner ads within article content based on the settings within Newspack > Advertising > Settings > Post ad inserter settings

Assigning an ad to a location

Before assigning an ad to a location, you will need to set up Google Ad Manager as an ad provider on your site, and create at least one Ad Unit.

Once that’s complete, you can start assigning your ads by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to Dashboard > Newspack > Advertising.
  2. Click on the Global Settings tab:
Screenshot of the Placements editor, inside the Advertising wizard.
Advertising Wizard: Placements
  1. Toggle on a location where you would like the ad to display. For example, if you wanted an ad to display a banner ad above your site’s header on all pages, you would toggle on Global: Above Header.
  2. When an ad location is toggled on or you click on the “Placement Settings” icon, a modal with an Ad Unit dropdown will appear, allowing you to select which ad unit you would like in that placement.
Screenshot of the placement editor modal.
Advertising Wizard: Editing a placement
  1. Select one of your existing Ad Units to display it in this ad location and click “Save”.