Release Notes: September 8, 2021


  • The “thank you” text in the Donation block is now editable.
  • Fixed a bug with Homepage Posts and Post Carousel blocks that prevented non-post post types from being displayed in the Specific Posts field after saving.
  • Fixed a display bug with currency symbols in the Donation block.


  • Added a Customizer option to set the default template for pages.


  • Added support for Mailchimp merge tags in the editor
  • Added support for embed blocks in newsletter content


  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused non-Campaigns post types to appear in the Campaigns wizard.


  • Added support for defining multiple GAM network codes in a comma-delimited list, as required by Google MCM


  • You can now omit the listings URL prefix for all listings permalinks in Settings. This will allow for simpler permalink structures for singular listing pages, if desired. Please take care to define slugs that won’t conflict with other existing permalink structures.