Release Notes: September 13, 2022


  • Added a new option in Reader Revenue to set a minimum donation amount (default: $5). This will help prevent card-testing bots from exploiting WooCommerce and Stripe checkout forms.
  • Added a new option in Connections to connect a reCAPTCHA v3 account. If connected, Newspack forms that require an email input (such as donation or newsletter subscription via Newspack blocks) will be protected by reCAPTCHA v3.


  • Added a new option to set the size of the column gap in Homepage Posts blocks using the “grid” display option.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented excerpts from displaying at the specified length in Homepage Posts block previews inside the editor.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Author List and Author Profile blocks from being able to select both WP users and Co-Authors Plus guest authors if they share the same numeric ID.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented “Load More” buttons in Homepage Posts blocks from inheriting the theme’s button styles.


  • Several minor bugfixes and style improvements for the Subscribe block.


  • When a donation event is sent to Google Analytics from inside a Campaigns prompt, the prompt’s numeric ID will now be included in the event label. This makes it easier to measure the effectiveness of donation prompts.
  • Tapping on the translucent overlay background no longer dismisses overlay prompts—this makes it more difficult for readers to accidentally dismiss prompts, especially on touchscreen devices.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented scroll-based overlay triggers from working properly without AMP.