Release Notes: October 19, 2021


  • Added a new iframe block that lets you safely embed external content into a post’s content.
    • Full documentation is still forthcoming for this feature, but the block supports embedding content via URL or by uploading a ZIP file containing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and media files to be embedded.
    • The block optionally supports full-screen mode, to let the embedded content fill the entire viewport on that post only.


  • Fixed an issue where the sticky sidebar ad wouldn’t properly stick when used with a two-column post layout.
  • Fixed an issue where the sticky sidebar ad would get overlapped by the sticky header, if enabled.
  • Optimized the amount of CSS loaded on AMP-enabled sites.


  • Added an option to turn off Jetpack’s Related Posts on the single Listings. This option is set to hide the Related Posts by default. If you want to continue showing Jetpack’s Related Posts module on single listings, visit Listings > Settings from the WordPress dashboard.


  • Implemented a new feature that lets you define the visibility for any block in newsletter content. By default, most blocks are visible in both sent emails and on the web when the newsletter content is viewed as a public post, but you can now designate individual blocks to be “web-only” or “email-only”.


  • Added the ability to use OAuth to connect your site to your Google Ad Manager account. With this connection, you can manage GAM ad units directly from the Newspack Ad Manager. Your site must be hosted by Newspack in order to connect via OAuth.
    • Note that the interface to connect to a GAM account via Service Account credentials has been deprecated. This feature will be re-implemented in a future release.
  • Added support for Google Ad Manager’s fluid ad unit sizing for both AMP and AMP Plus. This size allows you to serve custom native formats, programmatic native, and Google’s Multiplex ad
  • Performance improvements in the interface for managing ad units in GAM-connected sites.