Release Notes: May 8, 2023

Newspack Plugin

  • Added a new set of block patterns for content gates to help with getting started with content gating strategies.
  • Added a setup wizard for Reader Activation features and default Campaigns prompts and segments. This will be available to a smaller set of beta testing sites at first before being rolled out to the full platform in the next release.
  • Bugfixes for the Newsletters dashboard and Perfmatters base settings.


  • Added a new Checkout Button block which allows you to attach specific WooCommerce products to get a streamlined modal checkout process.
  • Added block support for Multi-Branded Sites.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the Tiers-based style layout for the Donate block to not be available under desired conditions.


  • Added a missing title for custom taxonomies’ archive pages.
  • Correct the default color used for the highlight menu label.


  • Added a new feature which allows you to optionally display form field labels in the Subscription Form block.
  • Fixed a fatal error when configuring Constant Contact connections.
  • Optimized JS dependencies for better front-end performance.


  • Added features to support the new Reader Activation wizard and Multi-branded Site features.
  • Fixed a bug where overlay prompts would sometimes appear over open sign-in modals.


  • Added the ability to support key/value targeting for any WordPress taxonomy, not just categories and tags.