Release Notes: May 2, 2022

Newspack Plugin

  • Added support for linking WooCommerce Memberships to donations when using Stripe as the Reader Revenue platform
  • Several minor bugfixes related to Campaigns dashboard crashes, readability of Campaigns Analytics statistics, and noisy PHP notices


  • Improved theme styles for some default Campaigns prompts
  • Several minor bugfixes related to caption and credit display and floated images


  • Added two new default newsletter layouts
  • Improved the layout selection screen when creating new newsletters
  • Fixed a bug affecting floated blocks with a visibility setting applied


  • Added support for configuring ad placement settings in the Customizer
  • Added support to suppress ads for any publicly visible post type, not just posts and pages
  • Other minor bugfixes and performance improvements


  • Added the ability to set available purchase types in self-serve purchase forms: single-purchase, subscription, or both
  • Fixed a bug that prevented featured listing status from being updated when saving a listing without changing the default “feature priority” option