Release Notes: March 8, 2022

Newspack Plugin

  • New location fields in the Reader Revenue wizard to accommodate Strip payment request buttons, if using the Stripe platform.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash in the Site Kit Analytics page if navigating from the Newspack Analytics wizard.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Site Design settings from being saved from the setup wizard if choosing a child theme.



  • Added support for HTML text elements (such as bold or italic) in image captions within newsletters.
  • Some minor improvements to the newsletter editor UI.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when unpublishing, then republishing, a newsletter that’s already been sent via Mailchimp.


  • Added the ability to insert inline prompts by specific block count, instead of a percentage of content.
  • Several bugfixes and performance improvements:
    • A bug when trying to set opacity of overlay prompts to 0%
    • A bug when calculating where inline prompts should appear around Group blocks containing a lot of content
    • A bug that would sometimes cause non-page custom post types to appear in the “Donation landing page” dropdown in the settings page
    • A bug that would cause “Uncategorized” to get assigned to prompts if they were assigned a category that was later deleted
    • A bug that would cause logged-in WooCommerce customers to be segmented as donors even if they hadn’t made any donations


  • Experimental header bidding: Added the ability to create multiple Google Ad Manager orders targeting various combinations of bidders


  • Improved front-end performance by limiting the amount of JS and CSS assets loaded by the plugin
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Curated Lists sorted by event date to show some events on the same day in the wrong order


  • Fixed a bug that would cause some front-end styles to not be applied correctly on sites using Pico
  • Fixed a bug that caused image credits to not appear with certain featured image layouts
  • Other minor bugfixes related to custom color options and blocks-based widgets