Release Notes: June 19, 2023

Newspack Plugin

  • Breaking change: This release includes the ability to use a customized receipt email for WooCommerce. This option is turned on by default for all sites using WooCommerce as a Reader Revenue platform. This can be turned off in the Reader Revenue settings. (#2463)
  • The plugin now displays a warning if you’re navigating away from the Reader Activation System wizard with unsaved changes. (#2453)
  • There are now smaller image sizes added to the srcset values available for Jetpack Photon. This will help sites load smaller images when appropriate. (#2471)
  • Make sure the Author filter is only displayed for posts in WP Admin. (#2470)

Newspack Theme

  • This release includes a fix to the Topic Highlight menu color; it was incorrectly using the wrong color after a previous release. (#2112)

Newspack Newsletters

  • This release includes improvements to how the plugin and theme handle their different font sizes. (#1185)
  • There is now an option to enable comments for newsletters published on the site, if comments are already enabled for posts. (#1170)
  • The Columns block now supports the non-stacking option in newsletters on mobile. (#1178)
  • The Success message in the Newsletter Subscription block has been updated so it can now be edited easier, similar to how the message is handled in the Reader Registration block. (#1184)

Newspack Campaigns

  • Improvements have been made to how the plugin auto-creates a config file, so it will attempt to make the file on all hosts. (#1121)

Newspack Listings

  • A POT file has been added to the Listings plugin. (#371)