Release Notes: July 3, 2023

Newspack Plugin

  • Add the ability to enable high-res YouTube thumbnails (#2507)
  • Empty the cart of all products when running a donation checkout to improve the modal checkout experience (#2505)
  • Increase the size of featured images in RSS feeds (#2504)
  • Improve error handling when installing premium plugins – rather than allowing installation and throwing an error, the plugin now prevents automatic installation in the first place (#2482)

Newspack Blocks

  • Allow spaces in the Donate Block button label (#1479)
  • Display purchase details in the checkout modal when taxes are enabled (#1480)

Newspack Theme

  • Correct issue with the sidebar link colors (#2131)
  • Correct issue with the Sponsored Content logo size in certain situations (#2130)
  • Add option to disable image cropping on the WordPress archive pages (#2145)
  • Improve mobile styles for Jetpack’s Related Posts (#2129)

Newspack Newsletters

  • Prevent the Newsletter Subscription block from overflowing narrower containers (#1196)
  • Allow spaces in the Newsletter Subscription block button (#1202)
  • Fix regression to allow public newsletters to display in author archives (#1197)

Newspack Campaigns

  • Improve checks to make sure inline prompts are inserted into the main post content only (#1137)
  • Add front-end Google Analytics 4 events for prompt interactions (#1136)