Release Notes: July 17, 2023

Newspack Plugin

  • Improves the content gate logic, to make sure it’s not inserted in the middle of another HTML tag. (#2529)
  • Updates links in the plugin to not assume that the site URL is the root domain. (#2521)
  • Removes the prompt to install the reCAPTCHA for WooCommerce plugin, so it doesn’t cause issues with the reCAPTCHA functionality already used by this plugin. (#2513)
  • Adds ‘article_view’ to the reader activity data that’s tracked so gated content isn’t tracked as a regular view. (#2520)
  • Improves tracking registered readers by tracking different kinds of registration. (#2526)
  • Adds newsletter subscriber, donor, and referrer to the tracked reader data. (#2539 and #2541)

Newspack Blocks

  • Updates the plugin’s translation files, to make newer strings available on sites for translation. (#1486)
  • Updates the Homepage Posts and Carousel blocks to include subcategories when querying posts by category; this matches how WordPress handles category queries. (#1482)
  • Updates the modal checkout to display coupon details when available. (#1485)

Newspack Theme

  • Fixes a layout issue with the WooCommerce Memberships ‘members’ screen in the My Account area. (#2150)
  • Fixes the logic that truncates the Author Bio. (#2156)
  • Adds a “clamp” to the block editor spacing values that are used for padding, so they scale down for smaller screen sizes. (#2157)

Newspack Newsletters

  • A hotfix prior to this release fixed a bug to preserve the email list order in the Newsletter Subscription Form block. (#1211)

Newspack Campaigns

  • Updates the campaign segment logic to be stored as a taxonomy rather than an array. (#1106)
  • A hotfix prior to this release included a fix in the prompt insertion logic, to only check the the first paragraph when comparing the filtered content against post content. This helps improve the accuracy of this check. (#1160)