Release Notes: January 9, 2023

The Newspack team wishes everyone a happy 2023! Our first release of the year includes some major new features.

Newspack Plugin

  • [Reader Activation] default terms & conditions URL: If a site doesn’t have a dedicated terms & conditions page (many don’t), the RAS registration block will default to using the privacy policy page instead.
  • [Reader Activation] Registration block enables newsletter subscription by default: The Registration block will now enable newsletter description by default, as long as an ESP with lists is setup in the Engagement wizard.
  • Stripe webhooks UI: A new UI is now available to manage webhook connections with Stripe. Visit Newspack > Reader Revenue > Stripe Settings to manage your webhooks.
  • Many small performance-related optimizations.


  • Donate block: custom fields: Publishers can now add additional custom fields to the Stripe/simplified/streamlined donate block (SDB). Previously, the block only captured name, email, and credit card info.
  • Donate block: tiers layout: A new feature in the Donate block lets publishers select a new, tiers-based layout for recurring donations.
  • Fixed a bug in the Author List and Author Profile blocks that caused avatar images to render at low resolution in some cases.


  • Local subscription lists: Publishers can now create lists directly in the Newspack Newsletters plugin. These lists can be shown in subscription and registration blocks to allow readers to subscribe directly to these lists. Lists created locally will generate a tag in the connected ESP that will be applied to all subscribers and can be used to group these contacts. Support documentation is forthcoming on this exciting new feature.
  • Improved support for connecting to Constant Contact.


  • Added an icon for links in the Social Media nav menu.


  • Allow admins to toggle visibility of prompts: Admin users browsing the site front-end can now choose whether prompts should be shown as they browse. To toggle prompt visibility as an admin, look for a new “Prompts Visible” button in the WP admin bar shown on every page.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused overlay prompts to unexpectedly revert from “every pageview” frequency to “once a month”.