Release Notes: February 28, 2023

New versions in this release

  • Newspack Plugin v1.105.0
  • Newspack Blocks v1.63.0
  • Newspack Theme v1.69.0
  • Newspack Newsletters v1.59.0
  • Newspack Ads v1.42.0

Fixed height ads

Fixed height is now a global option, instead of per-ad-placement, and it’s on by default. The maximum fixed height is 100px by default, and can be changed depending on the approach to handling CLS.


  • Support for Mailchimp folders
  • Bugfix – the images’ widths will be preserved
  • Custom contact metadata fields’ prefix (NP_ by default) can now be changed

Other updates

  • Ads: GAM integration now supports tag archive targeting
  • Theme: updated menu ARIA labels, add missing button text
  • All inline CSS will now be minified (compressed) to improve site performance