Release Notes: February 22, 2022

Happy Palindrome Day from the Newspack team!

Newspack Plugin

  • Jetpack Instant Search is now available for sites using AMP. Some configuration is required; please contact your TAM for more details.
  • Fixed several bugs affecting the setup flow.


  • Fixed a bug that caused some carousel images to display at the wrong dimensions.


  • Post Inserter: Added the ability to set a layout/size for featured images.
  • Added support for custom block padding.
  • Updated the design of the layout selection UI when creating a new newsletter.
  • Fixed some minor bugs in the newsletter editor UI.
  • Removed support for image filters (a new feature of WordPress 5.9) from the newsletter editor, as these are not supported in MJML.


  • Added a new option to Settings that allows site admins to define which Mailchimp merge tags indicate a subscriber has donated.
  • Fixed a bug that caused URL query params to be stripped if the URL contained both a query string (?) and a hash fragment (#).
  • Improved the performance of the segmentation reach preview when editing segment parameters in the Campaigns wizard.


  • Added OpenX, PubMattic, and Sovrn (in addition to as header bidding options.
  • Added a targeting key for template that describes the page template being viewed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused inactive ad units to appear in the Ads wizard’s list of ad units.


  • Super Cool Ad Inserter ads will now appear in full-width containers on posts using the One Column and One Column Wide templates.
  • Fixed spacing issues with the Group block when rendered with full-width alignment.
  • Fixed a style issue with the button rendered as part of the Jetpack Mailchimp signup block.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the site logo to appear distorted when rendered inside a sticky header.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some button links to appear incorrectly on events pages rendered by The Events Calendar.
  • Accessibility: Fixed contrast issues with the default primary color.
  • Accessibility: Increased the tap target size around footer links in mobile viewports.