Release Notes: Feb 16, 2023

Newspack Plugin

  • Bugfix: Update the version numbers of the WooCommerce templates included in the Newspack Plugin.
  • Bugfix: Ensure payments are tallied correctly on sites running Reader Activation, ActiveCampain ESP and Newspack as a Reader Revenue platform.
  • Feature: Update the hook into WooCommerce’s processed checkout orders so the information can be more easily accessed by other areas of the code that may need information about donation processing.
  • Feature: Optimize the Largest Contentful Paint image (the largest image above the fold) when it’s loaded by the Homepage Posts Block.
  • Feature: Ensure that the Newspack Theme CSS files are excluded from Permatter’s ‘Unused CSS’ list.
  • Feature: Defer the loading of JavaScript files for Gravity Forms, Mailchimp for WooCommerce and MailChimp for WordPress plugins.
  • Feature: Prevent WooCommerce emails that were unnecessarily sent when Stripe synced subscriptions are renewed.

Newspack Blocks

  • Bugfix: Make sure the editor preview of the Homepage Posts block displays the time in the correct time zone.
  • Feature: Added performance improvements to the Homepage Posts Block, including adding a fetch priority for the Largest Contentful Paint image and removing lazy loading.

Newspack Theme

  • Feature: Added performance improvements, including hooks before and after the content for the Newspack Plugin’s optimizations, and indicate to browsers that the featured image should be prioritized.
  • Feature: Add a per-post option to display a post’s updated date.

Newspack Newsletters

  • Bugfix: Handle errors that may happen when duplicate fields are created with ActiveCampaign.
  • Feature: Improve editor performance by caching the Segments, Groups and Merge fields from MailChimp, and add a debugging log for this new cache to improve troubleshooting.

Newspack Campaigns

  • Bugfix: Correct an issue when the full-width Campaign wasn’t saving correctly.
  • Feature: Add the ability to manually prune the Campaigns database tables via CLI.

Newspack Ads

  • Feature: Minify the JavaScript loaded by Newspack Ads to improve performance.

Newspsack Sponsors

  • Bugfix: Ensure that all terms are associated with a taxonomy, to correct a clash with the Co-Authors Plus plugin.