Release Notes: December 12, 2022

Newspack Plugin

  • Added support for Twitter Pixel
  • Fixed Stripe webhook integration for an existing ESP contact
  • Fixed an integration issue with WooCommerce Subscriptions and accounts created through reader activation
  • Fixed an issue with the honeypot field strategy so it never picks up the browser’s autocomplete by accident
  • Fixed an integration issue with WooCommerce and Stripe so it no longer disrupts meta boxes with fatal errors while editing a comment
  • Non-reader accounts no longer can delete their accounts through the “My Account” page
  • Refactored the Reader Revenue -> Stripe settings wizard page, fixing a number of issues related to the wizard form experience


  • Donate: fixed an issue with the configured manual setting. Some global settings were being enforced over block settings.


  • Improved performance by only loading WooCommerce assets on the appropriate pages


  • ActiveCampaign: refactored the “fields” integration to use API v3


  • Changed how custom dimensions are supplied to Google Analytics. It should no longer rely on SiteKit and be sent directly by Newspack through its own custom dimensions logic.
  • Single prompts and custom placements blocks now supports custom additional CSS classes

Super Cool Ad Inserter

  • Fixed a bug introduced by WordPress 6.1 which made the “Prevent automatic addition of ads to this post.” post option unable to be saved.