Release Notes: August 16, 2022

Newspack Plugin

  • Added a new option to the RSS Enhancement plugin to offset a feed by a specific number of posts.
  • Automated the process of creating and maintaining Stripe webhooks when setting up a Stripe connection in the Reader Revenue UI; now, no user input is required to create these.
  • Fixed a fatal error that could happen when debug mode is turned on.


  • Added a new feature to customize the button labels for Donate blocks.
  • Improved mobile styling and reading-facing UX for streamlined Donate blocks.
  • Fixed an editor crash when disabling one or more frequency tabs in the Donate block.


  • Added theme-wide styles for Featured Listings from the Newspack Listings plugin
  • Added custom Newspack styles for the WooCommerce My Account dashboard UI


  • Improved performance for sites using ActiveCampaign as the connected ESP.
  • Added the ability to allow readers to manage their newsletter list subscriptions via the WooCommerce My Account dashboard. Readers must verify ownership of their email address before they’re able to view and manage subscriptions.
  • Several bugfixes related to ActiveCampaign data syncing.


  • Added the ability to add featured images to prompts, which are rendered at the top of the prompt in a consistent, styled way.
  • Improved segmentation logic for newsletter subscribers, so that most known subscribers will now be segmented appropriately on the first pageview of a session.
  • Improved the logic for evaluating whether a reader matches a prompt’s segments, but none of the prompt’s segments is the reader’s highest-priority segment.
  • Fixed a bug where “Has user account” and “No user account” segmentation criteria were not updated if a user logged in on a page that wasn’t running any Campaigns prompts.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Every pageview” frequency option would remain disabled if changing a prompt type from Overlay to Inline.
  • Improved performance and stability of logging donation events from WooCommerce and Stripe.


  • Added handling to allow placement of Broadstreet zones without fixed sizes.


  • Added support for Featured Listings without the use of an experimental environment flag.
  • Added support for Featured Listings query sorting and styles in Curated List blocks.

Super Cool Ad Inserter

  • Fixed a bug that caused elements with no direct content but containing child elements with content (such as a div containing an image) to be improperly stripped from articles.