Release Notes: April 5, 2022


  • Donate block: Added two new block styles: Alternate and Minimal.
  • Fixed several bugs affecting Homepage Posts blocks when filtering by multiple authors.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Author List block to incorrectly alphabetize authors with spaces in their last name.


  • Added support for theme customizations in newsletters.
  • Added a warning when email content approaches 100kb, after which email clients may cut off displaying content.
  • Optimized the HTML generated for newsletter content to reduce rendered email content weight by approximately 25%.


  • Segmentation: Added a new segmentation criteria to target readers based on whether they’re known to have a user account. If a reader has logged into the site, they’re known to have a user account, even if they subsequently log out.
  • Analytics: Added segment names to event_category labels for each prompt.
  • Added the ability to designate inline prompts as “undismissible”. Undismissible prompts cannot be closed by readers, and will not be suppressed by global plugin suppression options.
  • Prompts are now displayed for logged-in editor and admin users. Logged-in users are now matched to audience segments and shown the appropriate prompts just like regular readers.


  • Added a new “Add-Ons” settings page in the Ads dashboard to install and configure supported plugins, including Super Cool Ad Inserter and Ads Refresh Control.
  • Added support for Broadstreet as an ad network provider.
  • Several other optimizations and minor bugfixes affecting the Google Ad Manager implementation.


  • Several bugfixes related to WordPress 5.9 global style changes:
    • Fixed a spacing issue between buttons within Buttons blocks
    • Fixed an alignment issue for square logos in small viewports
    • Fixed color and highlight styles within Cover blocks
    • Fixed spacing and color issues for ad units