Release Notes: November 18, 2021

Newspack Plugin

  • Added a Mailchimp section to the Connections wizard page.
  • Added a new Reader Revenue feature that lets you customize the receipt emails sent to donors while using the Stripe donation platform.


  • Fixed a bug in the iframe block that caused a “mixed content” security warning to be shown when using an uploaded .zip file.


  • Fixed a bug that caused previously sent but non-public newsletters to appear in search results.


  • Added more placement options for overlay prompts.
  • Added the ability to specify category and tag exclusions, meaning prompts will be suppressed on posts with the selected terms.


  • Refactored the Advertising widget UI.
  • Integrated Super Cool Ad Inserter plugin settings into the Newspack Advertising wizard UI.
  • Added the ability to add fluid sizes to ad units.


  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused sticky mobile footer ads to not render properly.

Super Cool Ad Inserter

  • Fixed the insertion logic around blocks. Ads should now be inserted after the expected number of paragraphs and/or headings.