Newspack comes out ahead in performance comparison of five CMS platforms

Now that Newspack is available in Wappalyzer, we can compare the average of all our sites’ core-web-vitals performance against other CMS systems using this tool. And we come out looking pretty dang good.

Core web vitals is Google’s new metric for measuring site performance which rolls up a bunch of different performance metrics, including how long a page takes to load, how long a page takes to become interactive, and how stable the page layout is as a page is loading. Sites with high Core Web Vitals scores are featured more prominently in search results.

Page weight is the size of a page, including images, scripts, and the HTML markup. The lower the page weight, the less data a site uses when it loads.

Lighthouse score is a comprehensive performance measurement and the successor to Pagespeed Insights. The higher the score the more performant and optimized a site is.

We’re pretty proud of the numbers Newspack has put up, mostly because it means our publishers and their readers get a website that’s faster, friendlier and lightweight,