In this edition:

  • Introducing a ready-made Media Kit for advertisers
  • Latest Newspack case study
  • Publisher calls move to a bi-weekly schedule
  • Next Tuesday’s agenda
  • Release notes
  • Changes to our terms of service

New plugin makes it simple to create a handsome digital Media Kit for advertisers

For those of you looking to create or add to a Media Kit to showcase your offerings for advertisers, we present to you the cleverly named Publisher Media Kit plugin. Our friends at the 10up digital design agency are rightfully credited with authorship, we can’t help but brag that our own Katie Rethman started the project there before we convinced her to join our team, and she helped finish it recently.

Here’s the description from

Publisher Media Kit provides a quick and easy option for small to medium sized publishers to digitize their media kit. Are you a publisher hoping for a page like the NY Times’ Advertising Standard Units, but do not have a designer or developer on staff? Then this plugin is for you. If you are still using a print or PDF version of your media kit to sell space on your website, but want show advertisers looking to buy digital real estate that you are a digital-forward partner, then this plugin is for you.

The plugin adds a new “Media Kit” page, block patterns, and placeholder content that can then be customized to fit your need (e.g., text, links, colors, images, adding page link to site footer).

Case Study: Three big ideas on growing (small) reader revenue.

Small dollar donations have become a critical source of revenue for the Southern California’s Voice of OC since it started publishing in 2010. They’ve done it by being nimble and letting donors speak to the benefits they see in contributing. Check out Katie Hawkins-Gaar’s latest small publisher case study on

Publisher calls are now bi-weekly

Beginning next week, we’re moving our weekly publisher calls to every other week. The next one will be held on January 11 at 8a PT/11a ET/4p UTC and recur every other week thereafter. Please adjust your calendars accordingly.

We are adjusting the cadence so we can do a better job of preparing the session and ensure that we make the best use of your time. We’ll try to give you a heads up on the topic in the preceding week’s newsletter. And in general we’ll alternate between featuring a speaker who can offer insight or guidance on a subject of direct, actionable interest to our publishers and editors; and giving you an solid overview of the latest Newspack feature releases and how they can improve the performance of your site.

Next Tuesday’s Agenda (1/11/21 @ 11a ET)
  • 2021 Development Roadmap Review
  • Demo: New author list block to create featured staff sections on your site
  • Overview: New Media Kit Plugin

And remember, we have one huge-and-growing document for all our agendas. The recording from each is added to that week’s agenda, so all previous meetings can be viewed here.

Release notes for Dec. 20, 2021

Newspack plugin 1.70.0

Changes to our terms of service

We have amended the Newspack Supplemental Terms of Service. The updated terms can be viewed here:

Section 5 is new and was drafted in anticipation of launching our data benchmarking service later this quarter. You will be prompted to acknowledge the terms as you opt into the service. If you don’t opt in, the terms technically apply, but you are not affected. Let me know if you have questions.