In this edition:

  • Newspack case studies
  • Are you interested in header bidding for your programmatic ads?
  • A new Slack channel for important announcements from us
  • We’re impressed with Datawrapper’s responsive graphics
  • Launches over the past week
  • Get Newspack calls on your calendar

Newspack debuts case studies, showing off publisher successes

If you missed it, here’s a close look at the success of one of our publishers, Montana Free Press, in our debut of our case-study series.

Like it says at the top of that: The Newspack Case Study is an ongoing series highlighting the best practices of publishers who use our tools to drive editorial excellence and business success. Our publishers are eager to share what they’ve learned. This series seeks to distill some of their insights into lessons others can apply.

We’d like you to either self-nominate or give a shoutout to a colleague you think deserves recognition and has done something noteworthy that others could take advantage of.

The series is in the capable hands of Katie Hawkins-Gaar, a well-known and respected freelance journalist. She’s written for some outlets you may have heard of, including The New York Times, Glamour, Vox, CNN and Garden & Gun. For five years, she ran the Leadership Academy for Women in Digital Media at The Poynter Institute, and she’s well acquainted with the mission of Newspack publishers.

She’s in our Slack, so hit her with ideas, or you can pass them along to Steve Beatty, who will get them to her.

Interested in header bidding to get the best price for your programmatic ads? Let’s talk

Newspack is excited to announce that we have partnered with to provide a header bidding solution for our publishers. Header bidding is an advanced programmatic technique that allows for a true real-time auction between ad exchanges, ensuring you earn the highest CPM possible for your inventory that isn’t sold direct. Requirements for eligibility at this time are:

  • Must already be using Google Ad Manager
  • Must already be running AdSense (or other programmatic network)
  • Must be willing to go AMP Plus

If you’re interested in enabling header bidding on your site, please complete this form.

Listen up! New Slack channel for announcements

More than 600 of you fine folks have been added to the Slack channel now called newspack-annoucements, where the Newspack team will be posting stuff you need to know.

Publishers will be able to leave comments on the posts, but they won’t be able to initiate a post. For that, we still have our community channel and the help channel.

The community channel is for seeking advice and guidance from your colleagues.

The help channel is for either shooting up an urgent flare because your site is down, or for asking for non-urgent help from the Newspack team. We really ask for your cooperation in using the workflow on the help channel. To get to that, click on the lightning bolt down in the window where you type your message. You’ll have two help choices. Those choices are only available on the help channel.

Weekly release notes

One thing you’ll find in the announcements now is our weekly update on what’s been released. We try to highlight the bigger changes here in the newsletter, but the notes are a way to stay on top of all changes, including fixes to bugs you may have filed.

Datawrapper’s responsiveness is impressive

We took a look at a pie chart that our colleagues at Boulder Reporting Lab were using, created with the third-party company Datawrapper, which has a free level.

We might just be easily amused here at The Newspack Newsletter™, but we thought it was cool how the graphic scaled to be readable even on a mobile screen — even half a mobile screen — where the graphic automatically switched from pie-piece pointers to a key to save on space. A tip of the green eyeshade to publisher Stacy Feldman!

133rd Newspack newsroom launched

Congratulations to newsroom leaders on your launch in the past week.

  1. Al Dia en America
  2. Atlanta Voice

As always, you can see the gallery of launched Newspack sites here.

Get our regularly scheduled meetings on your calendar with a couple of clicks

We have a Zoom call each Tuesday to which all publishers and their staffs are invited. The time alternates by week in an effort to accommodate publishers in various time zones.

Click the link here to add the late call, set for 5 p.m. Eastern

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And this one is for the 11 a.m. Eastern call on opposite weeks

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We also hold a 30-minute How To session each Friday at 11 a.m. Eastern. We offer a quick look at one topic, block, feature or other useful maneuver. You can see how these work by going here for or small-but-growing library of videos. The password is ilovenews

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