With Newspack’s discount, you can use Parse.ly to track stories in real time

We’re pleased to announce that the popular analytics tool, Parse.ly, is now available to all Newspack members at a substantial discount over the company’s customary rates.

Parse.ly’s easy to use interface and detailed analytics have made it popular with newsrooms and with business decision-makers alike. It allows you to quickly see which posts, writers or sections are performing best. You can track the source of traffic to that content. And you can see how campaigns for newsletter signups, for example, are performing.

Those are just a handful of the features.

Parse.ly is being offered to Newspack clients at a pass-through cost of 9 cents per thousand monthly page views. So a site with 400,000 PV a month would pay $36.

So far nearly half of all Newspack publishers, representing 18 million monthly page views, have signed on. If you’re interested in a free trial let your Technical Account Manager know. Set up is quick and easy.

Changelog: Custom dimensions available in Google analytics

Through the talents of Newspack team member Adam Borowski, you now have the ability to track traffic by author, category, word count and publish date.

Custom dimensions are used to collect and analyze data like this that Google Analytics doesn’t automatically track.

Here’s our support document on how to get these set up, and then how to check them. You’ll be met by a screen like this one, but don’t worry — it’s a quick and easy set up.

When you hop over to Google Analytics, you’ll be able to choose one dimension at a time to look at.

If in doubt about setting this up, the TAMs, Steve and Adam stand ready to help with this.

Changelog: Adjust the author on newsletters published on your site

A few updates back, we made it possible to check a box in the Newsletter Plugin and publish your newsletter as a post on your site. Cool. We didn’t, however, give you the ability to change the display name of the author of the newsletter. For instance, from Steve Beatty to The Newspack Team.

Once you publish a newsletter, you can go into the category page, open it and find a place to update the author name.

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