Hong Kong Free Press relaunches on Newspack

From our Slack channel: Tom Grundy, editor-in-chief of the Hong Kong Free Press gives a shout-out to the Newspack team on the occasion of their launch on the Newspack platform.

“Hong Kong Free Press relaunched yesterday to great feedback. Here’s an example of a feature which utilizes a few Newspack stylings We also launched a Code of Ethics alongside the new site.

Ideas we have for NewsPack include:

  • Guardian-style indicators to inform readers that an article is old.
  • “Breaking news” tag/styling on articles which automatically expire after a set period.
  • Ability to show publish times and total reading times as metadata at the top of articles.
  • More style/structure control over single pages/articles, including the ability to add blocks as widgets in the sidebar.
  • Simple mobile apps. They may become redundant, but – for now – thousands rely on Android/iOS apps and our readers are quite insistent. Having to use workarounds to keep our apps alive, but it’d be good to have a built-in option.