Three big ideas on giving a platform to marginalized communities

Since launching in 2015, Scalawag has gone through a variety of changes. The former quarterly print magazine is now a digital-first website, it traded a subscription model for membership, and its co-founders have stepped aside. Through it all, though, Scalawag’s vision has remained clear: to create a more liberated South through community-driven storytelling.

Three big ideas on helping readers during a disaster

When the Sierra Nevada region of California was hit by a massive snowstorm, the two-person team behind YubaNet published around-the-clock updates, collected and disseminated information, and offered safety tips and other crucial information for residents.

Three big ideas on growing (small) reader revenue

Small dollar donations have become a critical source of revenue for the Southern California’s Voice of OC since it started publishing in 2010. They’ve done it by being nimble and letting donors speak to the benefits they see in contributing.

Three big ideas to make the most of reader interest

Montana Free Press has a clear mission: Produce in-depth public-service journalism that creates positive change and helps move society toward justice and equity. We look at one of their most successful projects to date, a three-part series on regenerative agriculture, that helped them achieve this goal — while also bringing in significant reader donations.